Hero/ine show

It seldom gets better than this. The time and place, people. $7, 21+. Thursday.

Get trashy, not trashed.

In dreams…

…you get invited to play TITWRENCH Stockholm. Oh wait, this is reality. Time to book a summer European tour 🤯

full lineup TBA

It is happening again……..

You don’t need a giant from another dimension to know this is serious. Going on tour again with my faves; so excited to be revisiting some of these cities, and seeing some for the first time.

Tour poster by thee David S

Well, the new LP is up today. I’m happy with how it turned out thanks to all of the amazing guest performers and everyone who helped/collaborated on it, start to finish. Thanks to Isaac at Abstract without Abstraction for making this happen. When you hang a bunch of these little pill/battery USB drives together they look like a clutch of robot eggs from Aeon Flux or something. Enjoy, world! Check out these megababes who agreed to play the release show!

These lovelies, though…


Post-Titwrench, Pre-GatasyVatas

Planning, preparing, performing, and pulling off Titwrench #9 took basically everything I had, and I am so grateful for the opportunity. Check out articles on the fest and some great photos of the festival here.

September is pretty full of some big damn rad shows already, and I am determined to spend the month finishing my album. Come see new stuff.

9.6: Solypsis European tour kickoff @ THOW w/ Breakdancing Ronald Reagan, Acidbat, Red Side, more TBA

9/10: Territorio Liberado @ Lost Lake Lounge w/ church fire, Roka Hueka, Los Mocochetes, Altas, Cheap Perfume, Wild Lives, Roots, Rice & Beans

9/19 : Snailmate (AZ), An Hobbes, Nighttimeschoolbus, Rarebyrd$, Emily Shreve, Terminals (Light) Vs.PterrorFractyl, Leomar Mendez @ THOW

9/28: Kim Boekbinder Noise Witch tour w/EVP @ Lion’s Lair

Robin motherfucking Walker makes the best motherfucking posters

Stoked to be playing my first Denver UMS. I open and close the Irish Rover on Sunday, like a disorienting, dark infinity mirror…oh but there will be free donuts at noon, so that’s good.

photo by Colin Bane glitch by MOSH

How do you tour with your favorite band in Denver?

I dunno, I guess you’re lucky enough to have started playing shows with them six years ago and since formed a great friendship. And then your music continues to inspire eachother and they ask you to go on tour with them. We worked hard to put this together and we had a ton of help from our friends. Thank you. See you soon!

Summer job cause Shannon has to work. David made the sweet flier.