How do you tour with your favorite band in Denver?

I dunno, I guess you’re lucky enough to have started playing shows with them six years ago and since formed a great friendship. And then your music continues to inspire eachother and they ask you to go on tour with them. We worked hard to put this together and we had a ton of help from our friends. Thank you. See you soon!

Summer job cause Shannon has to work. David made the sweet flier.

Live sights and sounds, but you can be anywhere you want, because the internet

Had the best time playing at MCA for Feminism + Co (thanks Bree!) and Thee Haus Ov Where recently. Thanks Seth for posting these amazing live videos from your space. You can check out mine here but feel free to skip the first minute of me fucking up my loop. Also despite my trashtalk, orchidz3ro is a lightdemon among mortals.

I’m playing Soundlab on KGNU 88.5/1390 Saturday 6/10 at 7pm, stream here for high quality or here on mobile. Props to the host Bob Cosmo for holding it down for the local weirdo and electronic scene on the air!

Next show show is this one with some serious dreamboats. Literally every band on this bill is so dear to me. Gonna be A Night To Remember on all accounts.

this lineup makes me swoon