Post-Titwrench, Pre-GatasyVatas

Planning, preparing, performing, and pulling off Titwrench #9 took basically everything I had, and I am so grateful for the opportunity. Check out articles on the fest and some great photos of the festival here.

September is pretty full of some big damn rad shows already, and I am determined to spend the month finishing my album. Come see new stuff.

9.6: Solypsis European tour kickoff @ THOW w/ Breakdancing Ronald Reagan, Acidbat, Red Side, more TBA

9/10: Territorio Liberado @ Lost Lake Lounge w/ church fire, Roka Hueka, Los Mocochetes, Altas, Cheap Perfume, Wild Lives, Roots, Rice & Beans

9/19 : Snailmate (AZ), An Hobbes, Nighttimeschoolbus, Rarebyrd$, Emily Shreve, Terminals (Light) Vs.PterrorFractyl, Leomar Mendez @ THOW

9/28: Kim Boekbinder Noise Witch tour w/EVP @ Lion’s Lair

Robin motherfucking Walker makes the best motherfucking posters